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What services does commission-control offer?

Connections with artists, contract templates and third party record of your terms, payment records and services, escrow services, sketch approval, project sorting, timelines, high-resolution storage, communication tools... even conflict resolution. Commission-control is a one-stop platform for getting artwork to your specification, on-time and in your budget.

We specialize in fantasy and science-fiction themed artwork, but if you've got an oddball request at the right price, chances are good that we can get you exactly what you're looking for.

So what service doesn't commission-control offer?

We don't offer 'free art.' If you've got a budget (even a modest budget!), we can probably fill your needs. Please keep in mind that 'exposure' is not payment.

What does it cost me?

Registration and basic services are completely free! With registration, you'll get open lines of communication with artists, contract templates and recording, the ability to approve sketches and document payments, control and organization of your projects and escrow services at a 12% fee.

For a modest fee (in development), you also receive high-resolution storage and transfer privileges, larger project limits and escrow services at a 10% fee.

Escrow services?

Hiring an unknown artist can be downright scary, especially when they require payment in advance! How do you know they'll provide you artwork that you can use, and by your deadline? Artists can be pretty flaky people, let's be honest. When you utilize the escrow services at Commission-control, your money is put in a safe place, and if you don't receive the artwork you commissioned by a deadline you specify and the artist agrees to, you can either get it back in cash, less the service fee, or apply the full amount to another interested artist.

So, there's no risk?

There's a very real risk that you'll be so happy with your experience at commission-control that you'll find yourself commissioning more artwork, feeding more artists, and making the world a more beautiful, creative place. Commission-control and Ellen Million Graphics cannot be held responsible for delirious joy or artistic addictions.

Make Commission-Control happen!

Read this post for full details.

This is a crowdfunded project. It will take about $450 worth of work to finish getting the very basics in place: login, registration, small, unmoderated artist galleries, project entry, contract upload (but no template - you provide your own), basic communication (logged at the site and emailed), and private project artwork posting, with approval tracking. A goal of $250 would allow me to get all the payment tools in place, including tracking off-site payments and managing the escrow system. Another stretch goal would put the contract template service in place. Deadlines and alerts are a little tricky, but certainly possible. Peer reviews and other improvements I can't even foresee at this point will be available in the future!

For our second phase of fundraising, anyone who donates $10 or more will receive supporter benefits throughout beta testing and for one full year after the site is out of beta testing. Anyone who donates $30 or more will receive supporter benefits for life. Work is underway!

Don't have money? You may use EMG credits! Remember that EMG-Zine articles, fiction and poetry pay in credits - submit work to support this project! Spreading the word helps, too! :)

$450.00 / $450 to Commission-Control - the base site. 100% done! Woot!!

$96.00 / $250 for payment tracking and escrow services. 38% done!

Ellen's Update: I did an initial program of the promised features, but beta testing was lackluster, and I was disastisfied with the final product, overall. I have re-examined the site, and plan a few critical improvements. I am starting over from scratch, and will be rolling out something more complete in 2014. My initial estimate of $450 (and $250 for the payment tracking) was SADLY lacking, but I will be honoring my initial promise. Future features will (by necessity) be priced more accordingly.

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Disclaimer: Commission-control is copyrighted to Ellen Million and the credited artists and authors. All rights reserved.

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